January 15, 2024

The BEST Age for Your Baby’s Milestone Session with Anna Sam, Your New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Hello! I'm Anna Sam, your specialized newborn photographer from New Jersey. The first year in a baby's life holds an enchanting charm. Being both a mother and a photographer, I deeply appreciate the significance of preserving these ephemeral moments. Allow me to assist you in determining the ideal times for your baby's milestone photography sessions.

My Approach to Baby Milestones

Each baby is a unique individual, and their milestones are no different. Whether it's their first smile, sitting up, crawling, or those first tentative steps, these moments are priceless. With my experience as a newborn photographer in New Jersey, I have honed the skill of capturing these milestones in the most natural and beautiful way.

New Jersey Newborn Photographer 2

Newborn Photography - The Golden Window

The ideal time for a newborn session is usually within the first two weeks after birth. In my experience, this is when babies are sleepier and more malleable, allowing for those serene, dreamy poses. In my Philadelphia studio, I ensure your baby's comfort and safety are paramount, creating a peaceful environment for those perfect shots.

New Jersey Newborn Photographer 4

The Three-Month Milestone - Capturing Personality

By three months, your baby starts showing their personality. Smiles, better head control, and tummy time offer a range of adorable poses. I love capturing these early expressions, showcasing the emerging personality of your little one.

New Jersey Newborn Photographer 6

Six to Nine Months - Full of Expressions

This age is a joy to photograph! Babies are generally able to sit up, laugh, and engage more with their surroundings. Using New Jersey’s beautiful natural settings, I create lively, expressive photos that capture the essence of your baby’s developing character.

New Jersey Newborn Photographer 5

Celebrating the One-Year Milestone

The one-year mark is a major milestone, often aligned with first steps and a burgeoning independence. It’s a time for celebration, and many families love to commemorate this with a fun cake smash session. In my studio, I create a vibrant, joyous setting to celebrate and capture this significant moment in your child’s life.

New Jersey Newborn Photographer 3


As a mother and a New Jersey newborn photographer, I cherish the opportunity to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments for you. Each stage in your baby's first year brings its own unique joy and challenges. I am here to help you preserve these precious memories, creating beautiful, timeless photographs that you and your family will treasure forever.